About Grenada

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"The Chocolate Capital of the Caribbean"

We’re just going to whet your appetite with these little these little tidbits about beautiful Grenada:

Tidbits About Grenada

  • Capital City: St. George’s
  • Size: 344 sq km
  • Population: 112,207 (Estimated)
  • Official language: English
  • Languages spoken: English and French patois
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollars (XCD)
  • Prime Minister: Dr. Hon. Keith Mitchell
  • National Symbols: Grenada dove, Bougainvillea flower
  • Grenada is called the “Island of Spice,” because it produces nutmeg and other spices. It comprises of 2 smaller ‘sister islands’ Carriacou and Petit Martinique
  • The island was named “Concepción” by Christopher Columbus in 1498.
  • Grenada was first inhabited by the indigenous Caribs and Arawaks. Later it was colonised first by the Spanish, then by the French, and then by the English.  There are still traces of indigenous culture and a lot of French influence.
  • “Leapers’ Hill”at the north of the island, got its name when the Caribs were chased by the French, who were trying to take control of the island. It is said that the Caribs reached the top of the hill and had no way to escape. Ultimately, they jumped off the hill and perished.
  • Grenada gained Independence on February 7, 1974.
  • Our national dish is called “oildown”
  • The home of the world’s first underwater sculpture park.
  • Grenada also boasts the oldest functioning water-propelled distillery in the Caribbean – River Antoine Rum Distillery.
  • The first international airport (Point Salines International  - now Maurice Bishop Intl. Airport) in Grenada was completed in 1984.
  • Leatherback turtles can be seen on the beaches of Grenada. Levera Beach is home to Grenada’s largest Leatherback nesting population.
  • Mount St. Catherine (840 m) is the highest point in Grenada.
  • The Grand Etang (large lake) formed over a dormant volcano. It is home to variety of flora and fauna.
  • Carnival (Spicemas) is the biggest holiday in Grenada. It is celebrated during the second week of August.